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When masked men attempt to kidnap the mistress of the biggest gangster in Europe, they make two fatal mistakes.They snatch the wrong woman. And they cross the wrong detective. The murder team in West End Central are reeling from the brutal death of a beloved colleague and they are all mourning in their own way. But when a young mother is kidnapped by unknown assailants, Max Wolfe and his colleagues suddenly have a dangerous job to do. As Max Wolfe investigates the connection between the kidnapped woman and the head of a crumbling criminal empire, the hunt takes him from New Scotland Yard?s Black Museum to the glittering mansions of career criminals, from sleazy strip joints to secret dungeons, and from the murderous hatreds of today to the unspeakable crimes of half a lifetime ago.And as Max unravels the mystery of why someone would kidnap an innocent young woman, he is plunged into a dark world of family secrets, sexual jealousy and a lust for revenge that will come to threaten everything Max Wolfe loves.

ISBN: 9781780895970
Title: #TAKEN
Year: 0419
Publication date: 16/04/2019
Price: $32.99


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